Atmosphere is everything.

Adequate power and lighting are staples of a comfortable and inviting home, as well as the primary cornerstone of a business' outward-facing presentation. We perform major and minor electrical repairs in both commercial and residential environments, and specialize in custom lighting to enhance kitchens, bathrooms, and all high-traffic living areas. Also, we design dramatic and effective landscape lighting solutions that will beautifully transform the outdoor areas of your home or business. We only use high quality materials and lighting equipment from proven, industry-leading manufacturers, and also install generators ranging from small temporary to full standby systems, ensuring your home or business is never in the dark.

You have a vision. We have the skill to make it a reality.

Safety and beauty

Highlight the home you cherish, while keeping it secure. A well-lit house makes for a safer house.

Illuminate your conversation areas

The right lighting helps solidify focal points in the home.

Do it right, or not at all

Quick-and-dirty wiring jobs are a threat to the safety of the building and its inhabitants. We keep strict aherence to electrical and building codes to prevent these kinds of problems.

Give guests something to talk about

The perfect light fixture can make the largest and most impactful statement of the night, all without saying a single word.

Simple and scalable

From simple garden lighting to large landscapes, we have the talent and experience to make your vision a reality.

Dramatic without drama

With the right combination of lights and easy dimming options, we can make that entertainment center into the best theater in town.

An illuminating conversation can get your dream project started.

Richard (Pat) Patterson,
Owner and President of Pat Patterson Electrical Service, Inc.

As a small business owner, I do everything: from wiring, installations and even billing, you never have to worry about finding or asking "the boss." You're dealing with him directly every time you speak with me. I have been locally active in the electrical trade since 1982, and my company has been in business since June of 1991. I am still doing what I love with a high degree of focus on how a project should be and look, and especially how well it achieves the vision you have for your property. And I've been doing it for twenty-four years.

I love lighting, and I have developed quite an eye for what techniques and equipment work best in the rooms of your home, your business and in your outdoor landscapes as well. We can enhance your rooms in subtle and understated ways, or we can make it striking and dramatic — it's all in how you want your spaces to be displayed. In my thirty-plus years of lighting and electrical work, I have found ways to bring such projects to life that others have found impossible. There is a way to make anything a reality, you just need vision and a deep understanding of how spaces are built. Let my experience help you see the possibilities!
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